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I had the privilege to create an innovative product and fashion photoshoot for Marc Jacobs' spring collection bags. As a seasoned creative product and fashion photographer, it's not uncommon for me to handle projects that blend both disciplines. For this campaign, we took it a step further by also shooting a captivating video. The entire shoot was expertly produced by QUEST Production Co. and art-directed by the talented Sophie Gardner.


For the still-life photography, we used a variety of props, flowers, and textured backgrounds to infuse the photoshoot with a vibrant spring vibe. In the fashion photography shots, a plain cappuccino backdrop was employed to ensure the stylish and colourful bags remained the focal point, enhancing their visual appeal.


We were fortunate to work with two exceptionally talented models who brought the collection to life, allowing me to capture dynamic and intimate shots that truly showcased the Marc Jacobs collection. The synergy of creative product photography and dynamic fashion shots resulted in a cohesive and impactful campaign.


As a professional fashion photographer in London, my aim is always to deliver outstanding results for advertising, e-commerce, or promotional materials. My expertise in still life and fashion photography guarantees high-quality, striking visuals that elevate your brand.

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