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SMND BLUEPRINT - Fashion Campaign 

For this project, I was thrilled to utilize my expertise as a fashion photographer for the SDMN Clothing BluePrint campaign. The campaign was inspired by the exciting worlds of Oceans 11 and Mission Impossible. We aimed to transform each of the Sidemen into iconic heist movie characters such as The Hacker and The Front Man. This dynamic theme allowed their unique personalities to shine, creating an engaging and entertaining campaign while showcasing the latest collection.

Our aim for the campaign was to give it a cinematic feel by including elements from classic films. We achieved this by using props, set designs, music, and digital enhancements. We used Klein blue and storm grey backdrops, along with saturated blue and white lighting, to create a techy, futuristic environment that showcased the new collection through a fisheye lens. This approach captured a sense of dynamic action within the images.

I oversaw both the e-commerce imagery and the still life and fashion campaign, ensuring that each piece of clothing was showcased to its fullest potential. This dual approach provided a cohesive visual narrative, highlighting both the stylish elements of the collection and the action-packed, cinematic theme.

Through these visual strategies, I helped the brand communicate a vibrant, cinematic experience, making SDMN Clothing more than just apparel—it’s an adventure.

SMND x HotWheel - Stills & Fashion Campaign 

I was thrilled to bring my skills as a fashion and product photographer to the SDMN x HotWheels campaign. This collaboration focused on high-energy and bold visuals, combining the iconic style of HotWheels with the distinct personalities of the Sidemen.


We brought this vision to life with two carefully constructed sets, designed by the talented team at Sidemen Clothing. These sets resembled vibrant, high-octane garages, providing the perfect backdrop to showcase the latest collection, blending automotive flair with streetwear fashion.


Working with celebrities means time is always limited. The main challenge as a Fashion Photographer was managing four different lighting setups within the two sets, ensuring smooth transitions and attention to detail.


The sets featured impressive lighting, smoke, and spark machines, creating an atmosphere full of excitement and action. The strategic use of flash highlighted the vibrant colours and intricate details of both the set and the clothing.


My approach focused on action shots to emphasize product details and the interaction between the clothing and the garage elements.

Through these visual strategies, I helped the brand convey a powerful, energetic narrative that combined the thrill of HotWheels with the cool, laid-back style of SDMN.

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