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SMND TM - Lifestyle & Still Life Campaign 

I was excited to bring my expertise as a lifestyle photographer to enhance the brand's new basic range for this project. This shoot was a significant milestone as it included models beyond the Sidemen, broadening the brand's reach to encompass the wider Sidemen community and lifestyle.


The goal was to capture the essence of the Sidemen aesthetic—casual, community-oriented, and effortlessly cool. We chose a local basketball court as our backdrop to create a laid-back, friendly atmosphere. By featuring three models and some extras, the shots exuded a vibe of friends hanging out and enjoying a sunny day in their SDMN clothing gear.


I focused on using dynamic camera angles, shooting from above and below to add a playful touch and highlight the relaxed, fun spirit of the brand. We used a combination of natural sunlight and integrated flash to ensure bright, vibrant images that popped with colour. We took advantage of shooting during the golden hour and dusk, where the London skyline’s orange hues perfectly complemented the faded red and pink tracksuits. These moments added a unique, serene quality to the lifestyle campaign.


This was a comprehensive campaign, extending beyond the location shoot. In the studio photoshoot, I managed the e-commerce and still-life campaign, ensuring every detail was showcased to its fullest potential. This dual approach of lifestyle and studio photography provided a cohesive visual narrative, highlighting both the product's style and the community-focused ethos.


Through these visual strategies, I helped the brand communicate a vibrant, inclusive community spirit, making SDMN Clothing more than just apparel—it’s a lifestyle.

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