Creative Photography

As a modern London product photographer, Celso Marrero can either creatively use setting and lighting to make London product photography images that are atypical and unexpected or simply replicate standard product images with consistent high-quality results.

As a creative product photographer, Celso Marrero will exceed your expectations creating sophisticated commercial photography for editorial or advertising campaign.

Food & Drinks Photography

When it comes to London premium photography, it is critical to find an experienced, enthusiastic and affordable food photographer who can see the advertising job through from beginning to the finished product, always pleased to discuss the project until the end of the assignment.

If you are searching for a London food and drinks photographer who can create high-quality images for commercials, menus, magazines, website or social media campaign Celso Marrero can accommodate your commission in the UK and worldwide.

Lifestyle & Portrait Photography

Celso Marrero is a London lifestyle photographer who loves travel photography, portrait photography, corporate headshots and several other artistic commercial photography shoots. 

With a very creative style and focused attention to details, Celso Marrero Photography can produce candid or elaborated and dramatic photographs for advertisement, magazine, brochure, website and social media campaign. 

As a London lifestyle and portrait photographer, Celso Marrero is the go-to photographer for high-end quality photography at an affordable price.

E-Commerce Photography

Perfect for straight-forward London product e-com photography on a white background. Celso Marrero will apply his styling skills and photography expertise to show your product at its best.

For Celso Marrero, photography is not just a job, it is a passion.

Working within many industries, but in particular specialised in Jewellery photography, Fashion photography and Amazon Product photography Celso Marrero always deliver high-quality images at an affordable price.