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London e-commerce photographer

London is an incredibly competitive market and many businesses have a limited budget for advertising. Whether you are a new or a well-established business, Celso Marrero will help to elevate your brand identity and its presence online by creating the right content while staying within your budget. As a London fashion photographer, Celso Marrero learnt to be versatile, mastering every shoot and always exceeding his client's expectations. No job is too big for Celso Marrero, and no job is too small.

If you’d like to discuss your upcoming project, please feel free to get in touch.


E-commerce Product commercial photography is essential for any business selling physical products on the web and social media, but it's particularly important for businesses in the City of London. With so much local competition, business owners in the area need to take advantage of every avenue available to them.  Working with an experienced product photographer that can ensure that products are presented in the best possible way, is a great way to get a competitive advantage. His extensive skills in E-commerce commercial photography will help your business to succeed, giving you a competitive edge. 

From basic white background product photography to lifestyle photography using models for a print catalogue or a fashion editorial lookbook. If you’d like to discuss your upcoming project, please feel free to get in touch.


Celso Marrero supports brand shifts into direct-to-consumer sales via photo and motion content production for his client's point-of-purchase assets. His e-commerce specialities include product photography via ghost mannequin, tabletop, hang, and flat lays to on model photography and add-on 360 videos and GIFs. For more than five years, Celso Marrero remains London’s best e-commerce photographer for the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

From straight-forward, unrecognizable model sets to editorialised product photos.

Moving Image Photography

Moving Images

Eye catching moving images that increase the engagement with your client without costing a fortune

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography 

Lifestyle advertising and product photography that help your clients understand what you're trying to sell

Clothing Photography

Clothing Photography 

Ghost Mannequin, Hung and Flat lays photography for online catalogs, websites and e-commerce.

Product Photography

Product Photography

Simple and clear images to showcase the best aspects and angles of your product.

Photography Case Studies

Case Studies

Learn how Celso Marrero helped his clients to elevate their brand's identity with his creativity and experience.


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